Doctor World 🩺

DoctorWorld offers convenient access to quality medical services through its telemedicine platform, connecting patients with skilled doctors online.

My role

UI/UX Designer

What I did

⊛ Branding
⊛ Visual
⊛ UI
⊛ UX

The Objective 👨‍⚕️

The aim is to enhance user engagement and usability of the teleconsultation app by incorporating features that align with users' desires and needs, thereby increasing its stickiness.

Design thinking framework

The Double Diamond is a problem-solving approach divided into four stages: Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver. It helps teams explore problems thoroughly, generate ideas, and implement solutions effectively.


Discover about our users and competitors :


Empathy Map

Taking insights from user research and demographic analysis, we formulated a persona and developed her empathy map.

Name Emily Tan
Profession Writer & Mother
City Singapore
Income Moderate (5k)
Main goal Balancing single parenthood while pursuing her career as a writer and providing excellent care for her family.

Problems that's affecting our aim

👶  Lack of dependant features

Frustration over the inability to add family members to their account, leading them to create and manage multiple accounts for each family member.

🥶  Trust Issues

Uncertainty and hesitation, fearing that doctors may not be able to offer an accurate diagnosis without conducting physical examinations.

📩  Notification

Lack of timely and informative updates regarding medication delivery status. leading to inconvenience in managing their schedules effectively.

👩‍💻  Support Measures

Lack of immediate assistance or guidance after sessions, highlighting the importance of having access to support for addressing queries or concerns that may arise post-consultation.

📂  Medical Records

Review past consultations, test results, and treatment plans. Users had to search extensively when doctors requested this information.

💊  Chronic Illness

A lack of specialized features. The absence of tools for medication tracking, symptom monitoring, and personalized treatment plans.

Image Image

Final Designs


Learning / Impact


Understanding the needs and lifestyles of users, such as single mothers juggling childcare and eldercare responsibilities while managing their own health, is crucial. By immersing ourselves in their experiences, such as the time constraints that prevent them from visiting clinics, we gain valuable insights. Through user journey mapping, we identify gaps in our app's user experience (UX) and discover opportunities for improvement, particularly by incorporating additional features tailored to meet the needs of busy users.


In a simulated scenario where we tested the new features with 10 users facing similar challenges, we observed significant success. The addition of features such as adding dependents, accessing medical records, and integrating a post-support live chat resulted in a 30% increase in user engagement. Moreover, user satisfaction scores rose by 25%, indicating that the enhancements effectively addressed their needs and improved their overall experience with the app.