HP Achieve Plus +

Introducing the HP Sales Rewards app: It's designed specifically for HP sales teams. With this tool, reps can easily track their progress, meet targets, and earn rewards.

My role

UI/UX/Web Designer

What I did

⊛ Branding
⊛ Visual
⊛ UI
⊛ UX

Final Designs

UX Case study on request

Visual elements are carefully chosen to enhance usability and create a cohesive brand experience. The design seamlessly integrates feedback from stakeholders and users, resulting in a product that meets both business objectives and user needs.

Sales Feature

  • Track Personal & Community target
  • Gamification like mystery gift
  • Able to submit and track claims
  • First to know HP Latest promotion
  • Live chat support to increase efficiency
  • Rewards Feature

  • E-commerce online redemption
  • Fully integrated points cart system
  • Image

    Success / Takeaways

    Success Metrics:

    User Engagement: 75% of users engage with the app monthly. Sales target: Achieve a 15% increase in revenue from HP product sales compared to the previous sales quarter. Retention: The app retains 60% of users on a monthly basis.

    Key Takeaways:

    To make the loyalty program successful, we need to keep an eye on how many people use it, how often they use it, and if they like it. It's important that people can easily use it on their phones wherever they are. When we make it personal and fun, more people will want to use it. Adding features that keep people interested will help them stick around. Giving surprises sometimes can keep people excited. And we should always listen to what people say to make it better.